5 Best Guitars For Beginners In India

5 Best Guitars For Beginners In India


For a beginner learning the guitar, it is of utmost importance that you buy the right one which suits your needs.

In this post, we take a look at five of the best guitars for beginners in India.

Best Guitars for Beginners in India

There are not many Indian guitar brands that can match the kind of quality desired from guitars.

The best guitars for beginners that are available in India are thus mostly of foreign origin.

We’ve limited the list to guitars below Rs 15000, as most beginners would not like to spend too much on their first guitar.

1. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha F310 is a great all-round guitar and offers the best bang for the buck. For its powerhouse performance, we feel it is the best guitar for beginners in India.

It is also the most popular and is the most widely sold guitar online, in its price category.

Significant Features

  • The guitar has a solid build quality. It can easily last up to 10 years for the average consumer.
  • High-quality materials used in the construction.
  • Great looks and design.
  • Comfortable to play and hold.
  • Produces a clear, comforting and mellow sound.
  • Ideal for Strumming.
  • The guitar stays mostly in tune, so no need for frequent tuning.
  • High brand liability.
  • Good value for money.

Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar, Natural
Price: Rs 7,900

 2. Fender CD-60 Acoustic Guitar

Fender is more popular for its electric guitars. However, it does have some decent acoustic guitars and the CD 60 is one of them.

Some argue that it is the best guitar for beginners, placing it higher than the Yamaha F310.

  • Good build quality.
  • Excellent sound for the cost. It creates a mellow and strong loud sound that is appealing.
  • The tone is consistent and in melody for prolonged periods.
  • Select tonewoods used in construction.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to hold.
  • Amazing action making it easier to play with.

Fender CD60 Acoustic Guitar Pack – Black
Price: Rs 12,999.00

3. Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar

Another powerhouse from Yamaha, this guitar has very few differences from the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar.

The most noticeable is the cutaway design in the former which is absent in the F310.

  • Yamaha has built this guitar with the same solid build quality as in the F310. This means that it’s highly durable and long lasting.
  • The materials used in the construction are of high quality.
  • The cutaway design coupled with the solid build does give this guitar an appealing look.
  • The guitar is quite comfortable to hold and play.
  • Great mellow and appealing sounds.
  • Ideal for fingerstyle playing.
  • Reliability of a Yamaha.
  • Good value for money.

Yamaha FS-100C, 6-String Acoustic Steel Guitar
Price: Rs 10,699.00


4. Fender Squier SA-105N

Though the Fender is the last on our list, its quality cannot be doubted.

It is the quality that this guitar offers for this price is the attraction.

Of course, it is the second choice when it is compared to the Fender CD-60.

  • As expected, the woods may not be of great quality, but it is good enough for beginner guitars.
  • The quality of sound is definitely good when you compare it to guitars even in the higher price ranges.
  • Strings and tuners are of high quality.
  • Really good value for money

Fender Squier SA-105N Acoustic Guitar
Price: Rs 6,946.00

5. Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

The Yamaha C40 is the one and only true classical guitar (nylon strings) available in the Indian market.

This is the best guitar for beginners in India for those who are into more classical music like flamenco.

  • It is one of the cheapest full-sized classical guitars in India.
  • Though made of laminated wood, it is well designed.
  • Solid build quality expected from the Yamaha.
  • Good sound quality for the price.
  • As the strings are made of nylon, it is easy on the fingers and comfortable to play.

Yamaha C-40 Fullsized Classic Guitar 
Price: Rs 10,200.00